"As a kid in the late 60's and early 70's, my Dad loved Herb Albert and Al Hirt. My older brother introduced me to Bill Chase, Maynard Ferguson and Buddy Rich. We both decided we would play trumpet. Then came the terrible news we would have braces to correct our teeth which grew in every direction but straight. My brother chose drums and so did I. But wait... one drummer in the house was the limit. When my turn finally came I was lost. Then came Tower of Power. The third album featuring What is Hip and Soul Vaccination with Lenny Pickett's Tenor sax solo's and the horn section. That was it. Passion discovered !
I was the weird band geek in school who loved jazz, soul and funk when Manilow and Kiss were the big deal. I went to all the Maynard Ferguson, Earth Wind and Fire, Tower of Power and Buddy Rich concerts I possibly could before I graduated but Tower of Power really grabbed me. A few years later I responded to an add in the City Pages for a sax player from a group of guys with a band called Heat Treatment. Mick Sterling was the singer, Mark Moran on keys, his brother Tim on drums and Jeff Fideler on guitar. Then we became " Mick Sterling and the Stud Brothers"
We found our calling at Bunkers on Sunday nights. History was made. I realized then with the right people, we could create a musical force to satisfy ourselves plus deliver a musical product that a live music fan could enjoy. GBF is our second offering in 30 years and this year marks our 18th year. Mark Moran and I talk often about our outlook for the band. Give a live music fan an experience to hear a 10 piece band do something different from what you might normally hear from a large band, make sure you can dance till you drop and most of all, love every minute of performing and be forever grateful to the fans and club owners who pay to see our show. I'm very proud of GBF, current and past members, club owners and our loyal fans. Without all of you, we would not have lasted this long.
Mom and Dad : Thank you for forcing me to have braces on my teeth. This worked out much better !"

Favorite Artists:
Tower of Power, Maynard Ferguson, Chicago , Blood Sweat and Tears , Average White Band , Earth Wind and Fire, Lenny Pickett, Michael Brecker, Tom Scott, Bill Chase, Buddy Rich, Bob Berg, Crusaders, Aerosmith, Tom Jones